Nach meiner Ausbildung zur Werbe-/Industriefotografin und einer Assistenzzeit bei verschiedenen renommierten Fotografen, habe ich mich 2009 selbständig gemacht. Seitdem realisiere ich Werbeaufnahmen, Kampagnen, Portraits und Imagbilder für namhafte Kunden und Agenturen, sowie mittelständische Unternehmen national und international.


After successfully completing my apprenticeship in advertising and industrial photography, I went on to assist many renowned photographers from around the world. It was a process that shared with me much valuable experience in which I would not have attained otherwise. My passion for the art has kept me self employed as a freelancer since 2009.

The range of work that I have covered for my clients, which include both individual customers and corporate agencies, carry a wide range that goes from journalistic photo assignments, to portrait and magazine photography.

Johanna Lohr

Johanna Lohr

Founder | Photographer